"His studies of the effects of advanced glycation endproducts and oxidation may lead to new therapeutic approaches that could delay the onset of cataract and prevent the serious repercussions of diabetic retinopathy, Claims Dr. Ategori. "Conjointly, The designation of these grants is a great evidence of the depth of our research programs and recognition of […]

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In two effective weeks, Close has meant a loss in overtime to mn and Colorado. Strong attention in the eyes of coach Mike Bobo, But losses nevertheless. When considering the running game, And more precisely the physical type of run game Bobo aimed to build within the offensive structure, Closing in means a positive creation […]

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We took an early go through the impact of the outage yesterday in our data. For people unfamiliar with what we do, We track what people are saying about serves on Twitter and analyze the content and sentiment. Obviously there was a massive negative outpouring. On the defending side, The retirements of future Hall of […]